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  • 20% Of The Way There!

    20% Of The Way There!

    As I mentioned last time out, finding a decent climb that is lit at 05:00 is getting to be a problem but I last Saturday I went back to an old friend / foe. There is a decent hill in a town called Gattikon that I used to strain up sometimes when I chose that […]»»»
  • Dancing In The Dark

    Dancing In The Dark

    As there is no light on my preferred climbs in the early morning, today I kept to the main roads and did a half circuit of the Lake. It was very easy, but good to get out on The Cube and get the cranks turning. The ride was bang on one hour and ended in […]»»»
  • Walking Downhill – Very Painful!

    Walking Downhill – Very Painful!

    I had a stressful morning the other day, brought about by my own stupidity. I had to add some time at the parking meter before getting on a train to work so that my wife could pick up the car later. I also had to put something in the boot. So I was bang on […]»»»
  • Making Climbs Tougher

    Making Climbs Tougher

    I had a great early morning ride over the weekend. On the cusp of September, it is going to be a challenge doing these climbs into the Winter. Not because of having to get up early, as I don’t care about that aspect. Indeed to me, it’s something that shows dedication to my riding. But […]»»»
  • Great Triple Climb

    Great Triple Climb

    As I am travelling tomorrow and will be away from The Cube for the next few days, I wanted to get a decent climb in today. My ride of choice was up to a local beauty spot (although you see beauty almost wherever you look), the road up is quite short but when I have […]»»»
  • The Bike Show Podcast – Essential Listening

    The Bike Show Podcast – Essential Listening

    I only chanced upon a podcast called The Bike Show, from Resonance FM in the UK. Thanks to the huge archive still being available, I downloaded 12 episodes on subjects as varied as whether cycling broke up Kraftwerk, professional cycling, fashion, culture and international angles. There is one I love on the importance of cycling […]»»»